ducks near bridgeLocated in the heart of the Loring Park neighborhood, just across the street from the beautifully restored Loring Park, we are minutes from the freeway intersection of 394 and 94, and a short walk from the heart of downtown Minneapolis.

At Loring Psychotherapy & Mindfulness Center it is our intention to create a serene and quiet environment in which the work of psychotherapy can be tailored to your specific needs. We are trained and experienced in the full range of Western approaches to treating emotional and relationship concerns, and we also bring the best of Eastern wisdom and practices to our work with you, primarily in the application of mindfulness…moment-to-moment, non-judging attention to all that arises in our experience.

Over the past decade, scientific research has begun to validate the positive impact of this ancient practice, which is present in some form or other in all major religious traditions as a means of developing self awareness, or as the basis of contemplative or meditative practices. A mindful approach to psychotherapy can facilitate clarity, increase self-awareness, enable one to face problems directly, and lessen the suffering that is created by our instinctive tendencies to reject or disconnect from painful experience. We apply mindfulness-based therapies to help alleviate anxiety and depression, regulate emotions, reduce stress, and improve relationship connections with self and others. Our work with you will be rooted in this moment-to-moment awareness; we are committed to fully attending to and supporting your efforts to face and work through whatever life difficulties you are experiencing.

For more information on our experience, specialties, and services we welcome you to explore our website and to contact us with any questions or requests for appointments.

– Susan Bourgerie, MA, LP

– Sandra Kacher, MSW, LICSW